Our Mission:

Impact ND.



Donation Request

Thank you for reaching out about a potential donation request! All donation requests from SM Fencing & Energy ServicesThe Crossing or Seth & Chantel Murphy must be submitted by completing this form. If online access is a barrier for you, please call us at 701-483-5252 as soon as possible to discuss your situation.


"In North Dakota, we can still grow up with a working background and our children can be taught to do good, not make excuses and strive to be better.  We’re grateful to give to one of the last reserves that keeps that kind of thinking."

-Seth Murphy


Our Guiding Principals

Local matters. The roots we were given from our rural backgrounds are our strongest attributes; we support activities that aim to make western North Dakota a better place to call home. 

Our greatest assets are our children. In North Dakota, kids can still be raised with high expectations, good intentions and a level of accountability. We give to initiatives that are pioneering solutions to support youth in all stages of development.  

We believe in public education. We are advocates for supporting educators in their goal of innovating education to meet today's students.